A Purposeful Plan

Make money while you’re retired. That’s what BawldGuy Investing can help you do, by working with you every step of the way.

The BawldGuy Investing Process

At BawldGuy Investing, our approach is not only hands-on, but proactive. We offer more than just real estate investing advice, more than just properties for sale, and more than just retirement planning. BawldGuy Investing gives you the resources, knowledge, and support to produce real income during your retirement.

It all starts with a plan. We call it a Purposeful Plan; a solid strategy that we help you develop and adhere to, where every piece has a distinct purpose and acts as a specific step along your unique path.

The Four Pillars

Within each Purposeful Plan are our Four Pillars, the pieces that work together to get you started, and eventually provide you with a comfortable—and in some cases more than comfortable—retirement income for the long term.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Free-and-clear rental properties for income purposes, and the flexibility to act on “dream home” opportunities.



Life insurance policy that you pay into for a chosen number of years, which then supplies you with tax-free income.

Notes In Own Name

Notes in Own Name

Mortgage notes, when performing, offer you regular payment opportunities as well as interest.

Notes In Roth Wrapper

Notes in Roth Wrapper

Mortgage note payments like Notes in Own Name, except no tax is involved.

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Investment Opportunities

Want to be more hands on? We’ll help you become a registered note buyer so you can get more skin in the game and select the notes you wish to purchase. We’ll guide you through the process, and offer a selection from our own note group. You’ll also receive regular updates of newly available notes for bid or purchase, giving you the opportunity to review the options and select the funds that best meet your individual criteria.

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“He sets up systems which means that I don’t have to worry. I bought without him before and I had to find the property manager, the mortgage lender, the insurance broker, all of that headache – he makes it simple and easy.”

Collin Bumby

New York

“Jeff’s an honest and straight shooter; I don’t know how else I can confirm that he’s a good guy. Everything that he said, he’s done.”

Jim Marinangeli


“If you build your wealth the right way and use the right kind of tools, and some of these tools that Jeff has talked about, you can actually use those to start building a foundation on that for future generations.”

Keith Martin


“The event really opened my eyes to other ways to generate income. And the light bulb came on for my wife too. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions. It was really intimate.”

Keith Martin


“Jeff is charismatic, very engaging, full of information, and full of awesome stories. He is a lot of fun to talk to.”

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