Purposeful Planning

By combining multiple strategies in ways that purposefully work together, we can help you improve your investment results, and have seen many clients retire with more income than they ever made while working.

The Four Pillars

Within each Purposeful Plan are our Four Pillars, the pieces that work together to get you started, and eventually provide you with a comfortable—and in some cases more than comfortable—retirement income for the long term.

Real Estate

The basis of the real estate pillar is to acquire rental properties that you will payoff before retirement. Depending on your individual situation, that may occur during a normal payoff duration, or could be an accelerated 5-year payoff to better accommodate your tax situation.


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The insurance policy pillar allows you to invest in a premium for a given number of years (often 15 to 30), then receive annual tax-free payments for another number of years, determined by you. The policy’s accumulation values are tied to the stock market index. Depending on your needs and overall plan, you can opt to get payments for shorter or longer periods of time.

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Notes in Own Name

This pillar involves buying, selling, and holding residential mortgage notes. You can invest in various BawldGuy Investing group investments of notes and receive an interest rate return, or you can get registered as a BawldGuy Investing note buyer. As a registered note buyer you are notified on a monthly basis when new notes are available, you’re able to bid on those notes on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Notes in Roth Wrapper

This investment strategy is similar to purchasing notes in your name, but owned by a Roth account, which means all income, including cash flow and profits are not taxed. You can use tax-free Roth payouts to make new investments to maintain or increase cash flow.

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