Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate, Generate Cash Flow During Retirement

We do the legwork to find high-quality rental properties to fit your investment plan.
As the investor, you engage in a buy-and-hold strategy that best fits your retirement framework, choosing to either:


  • Payoff the purchase in a “normal” timeframe or
  • Use a cost segregation strategy to accelerate your payoff to offset capital gains taxes and depreciation.

How You Can Benefit



Each month, any rent that exceeds expenses provides you with passive income that comes in month after month without you having to work for it.


There are tremendous tax advantages that come from owning real estate and being able to write off certain expenses like depreciation.

Equity Buildup

You will continue to build equity as your property is paid off.


BawldGuy Investing’s years of experience will be key to helping you select properties that are most likely to increase in value over time.


Not only will you receive regular income from rents, you may also leverage assets for new acquisitions, tax deferred exchanges, note investments, or group investments.

The BawldGuy Investing Difference

BawldGuy Investing’s formula for success is based on years of experience that you can leverage to build a strategy that works.

Real Estate

Quality Real Estate

Use BawldGuy Investing’s expertise in selecting quality rental properties that will fit your plan’s strategy and goals.

Buy & Hold Timing

The key to making the right decisions regarding buy-and-hold strategies are factoring in depreciation and perhaps other ramifications often overlooked. You can rely on BawldGuy Investing’s years of experience to make these timing decisions to get you the best outcome possible.


Cost Segregation Strategies

Cost segregation can have a dramatic impact in offsetting taxes. When you can reduce annual depreciation from 27 years to five or seven years, the result can be a huge tax savings against ordinary income. BawldGuy Investing’s expertise in this strategic advantage can help you achieve these results.

Get started on the path to generating real retirement income