Notes in Own Name

Notes in Your Name Offer Appealing Returns

Investing in real estate notes can offer attractive returns through a passive investment vehicle. Here’s how it works:

  • Real estate notes are current debt on property still requiring payments by the purchaser or owner.
  • These notes are available at discounts — that is, they can be purchased for less than the total sum still owed on the note to produce income for the investor.

How You Can Benefit

Sizeable Profit

Because real estate notes are available at a discount, they can provide an attractive return. For instance, a real estate note with $100,000 in current loan balance might be available for purchase at only $80,000, providing the investor $20,000 in profit or a 20% return.

Steady Income

As the note holder, you’ll receive regular payments on your note until the mortgage is paid. It’s like having paycheck-like income, taxed as regular income, but without the Medicare and Social Security taxes.

Tax Advantages

For the first year only, income you receive from note payments is taxed as regular income. After that, the income is taxed at the lower capital gains rate.

The BawldGuy Investing Difference

When working with BawldGuy Investing, you work with an experienced team that will guide you to selecting the right notes for your plan.

Post-Purchase Issues

While not a common scenario, foreclosures do happen, and we have the expertise to help protect you by ensuring that the value of the real estate backing the note is appropriate.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

Every real-estate note we recommend is secured by desirable properties, and offer potentially high annual yields. We have the expertise to evaluate the quality and risk before making a purchase, that includes the loan to value ratio, the notes position, the value of the property, and more.

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