Notes in a Roth Wrapper

Get Tax Benefits
With Notes in an IRA

Offering many of the same benefits of notes in your name, notes owned by a Roth account has these added features:


  • All income, both cash flow and profits are tax free
  • You can use tax-free Roth payouts to make new investments and maintain or increase your retirement cash flow

How You Can Benefit


Tax Advantages

The primary benefit of Notes in a Roth Wrapper is that there is no tax on earnings from the note investments.

Checkbook Control

Since Roth accounts are set up as self-directed accounts, you have “checkbook control,” allowing you to draw on funds as you need them.

Additional Income

As the note holder, you’ll continue receiving regular tax-free payments on your note until the mortgage is paid

The BawldGuy Investing Difference

The final Pillar in the purposeful plan requires knowing the ins and outs of notes, as well as self-directed IRA funds. You can count on BawldGuy Investing to guide you every step of the way.


Tax Expertise

We’ll help you navigate the ever-changing tax codes and laws so you can maximize your earnings potential, including the self-directed Roth IRA changes that can impact your investment decisions.

Real Estate

Real Estate Expertise

We have the expertise to evaluate the quality and risk of any real estate note you invest in, and that includes the loan to value ratio, the notes position, the value of the property, and more.

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