Get Big Returns Tax Free With A Crafted EIUL

Equity index life insurance or EIUL is a unique life insurance product that offers:


  • Market-like returns (without the risk of losing your cash accumulation values to market losses.)
  • Significant income tax benefits

How You Can Benefit


Tax-Free Income

The tax benefit is where an equity indexed universal life insurance policy really shines. When you want to begin withdrawing investment funds (generally around retirement age), the funds are taken out via policy loans tax-free (by IRS definition).

No Payback Required

The key to this agreement is that there is no penalty for not paying the loans back. EIUL holders generally take policy loans with no intention of paying the loan back. That being said, the death benefit decreases with every policy loan.

Provides Liquid Source of Income

An EIUL creates another ready source of cash that can be easily accessed during retirement with no tax implications.

The BawldGuy Investing Difference

Engage BawldGuy Investing’s expertise to help:



Structure an EIUL to your individual plan, given your age, how much you want to invest and when you want to retire.

Tailor the Timing

Tailor the timing for premiums and payouts to fit your retirement income planning.

Provide Guidance

Provide guidance to select the appropriate index funds based on your risk tolerance and life expectancy.

Get started on the path to generating real retirement income