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Learn more about purchasing notes and purchasing property. Register for a review of exclusive opportunities. All are carefully analyzed to best suite your goals and we’re with you every step of the way.

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Purchase Notes

Become a registered note buyer by following the steps below.
Click “Register As A Note Buyer” to submit your registration.

1. Register
Register as a note buyer and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

2. Review
Review available Assets when note pools become available, we will send you instructions on how to view the assets.

3. Submit
Submit your bid to the trade desk before the deadline.

4. Fund
Winning bidders, after endorsing the Note Sale Agreement, are expected to close within 48 hours. BawldGuy Investing Note Fund ships collateral to buyer.

Register As A Note Buyer

The Note Bid Process

In addition to the BawldGuy Investing Note Fund, registered note buyers are informed of newly available notes for bid/purchase.


Log in or sign up to browse all notes for sale.


Find a note that meets your criteria and complete a purchase request form.


Sign and return the Note Sale Agreement


Funds will be wired to us. We will then ship collateral file to you.

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Purchase Property

Investment properties are made available to our clients. Please make an inquiry about investment properties and all additional opportunity options by filling out the form below. We will call you to discuss the details.

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  • Although not required, we appreciate you providing your mailing address for the purpose of preparing documents you may request. Of course all information you provide will never be shared with anyone outside of BawldGuy Investing.